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Introducing Phantom — an o-ring gasket mount 65% keyboard kit featuring an ultra-soft gasket for a remarkably soft and comfortable typing experience. Its seamless and screwless all-aluminum enclosure paired with a centered USB-C port delivers a simple and modern aesthetic that will fit into any desk setup.

The kit comes included with an FR4 and POM plate, your choice between a solder PCB for extensive layout compatibility or a hotswap PCB for convenience, and comes finished in a beautiful and durable ceramic coating in Cobalt grey.

Stock Grade Expectations

A-stock cases will be free of any cosmetic defects visible after the keyboard is fully assembled. Minor inconsistencies in the coating around the USB port may exist, but are hidden when a cable is connected.

B-stock cases have small cosmetic defects that are difficult to see from a typical seating position, sometimes with defects only on the sides or bottom surface.

C-stock cases have chips or dents on the top surface that are clearly visible from a typical seating position.

Extra Parts

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

What's Included

Phantom keyboard case

FR4 Plate

POM Plate

Hotswap PCB (add note for solder PCB instead)

USB-C daughterboard with JST-SH cable

M2x3 mm daughterboard screws

30A silicone gasket

Silicone bumpons


Aluminum, finished in Cobalt (H-112) Cerakote.

Width: 12.39 inches (31.475 cm)

Depth: 4.34 inches (11.02 cm))

Height: 0.73–1.15 inches (1.86–2.93 cm)

Weight (assembled): 2.54 lbs (1,152 g)

Angle: 6 degrees


Matte black FR4 with gold edge-plating

Matte black POM, CNC-milled

Friction-fit, o-ring gasket mount


ESD, over-voltage, and over-current protection

USB-C Unified C3 daughterboard

JST-SH cable (150 mm)

QMK, VIA Configurator, and Remap compatible firmware

ATMEGA32U4-MU microcontroller

FR4 Tg 170–180

ENIG surface finish

Matte black solder mask

Hotswap PCB layout:

Hotswap PCB Layout

Solder PCB layout¹:

Solder PCB Layout

¹Split spacebar not supported by official plates