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Introducing Phantom — an o-ring gasket mount 65% keyboard kit featuring an ultra-soft gasket for a soft and comfortable typing experience. Its seamless and screwless all-aluminum case paired with a centered USB-C port delivers a simple and modern aesthetic that will fit into any desk setup.

Extra Parts

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

What's Included

Phantom keyboard case

FR4 Plate

POM Plate

Solder PCB

USB-C daughterboard with JST-SH cable

M2x3 mm daughterboard screws

30A silicone gasket

Silicone bumpons


Aluminum, finished in E-black or Cobalt (H-112) Cerakote.

Width: 12.39 inches (31.475 cm)

Depth: 4.34 inches (11.02 cm))

Height: 0.73–1.15 inches (1.86–2.93 cm)

Weight (assembled): 2.54 lbs (1,152 g)

Angle: 6 degrees


Matte black FR4 with gold edge-plating

Matte black POM, CNC-milled

Friction-fit, o-ring gasket mount


ESD, over-voltage, and over-current protection

USB-C Unified C3 daughterboard

JST-SH cable (150 mm)

QMK, VIA Configurator, and Remap compatible firmware

ATMEGA32U4-MU microcontroller

FR4 Tg 130–140

HASL surface finish

Green solder mask

1.6 mm thick

Hotswap PCB layout:

Hotswap PCB Layout

Solder PCB layout¹:

Solder PCB Layout

¹Split spacebar not supported by official plates