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Extra parts for the Alexa keyboard kit.

Order merges are not possible; please contact us if you wish to add this to an existing Alexa keyboard kit order. Do not place a new order and request a merge to save on shipping costs. It is recommended to make a request at least 7 days prior to the deadline as orders can only be edited within 60 days of being placed.

Technical Specifications


Matte black FR4

Matte black POM, CNC milled


Kailh hotswap sockets (2nd gen.)

ESD, over-voltage, and over-current protection

USB-C Unified C3 daughterboard

JST-SH cable (150 mm)

QMK, VIA Configurator, and Remap compatible firmware

FR4 Tg 170–180

ENIG surface finish

Matte black solder mask

1.2 mm thick

0.4 mm stabilizer shims

Hotswap PCB layout:

Hotswap PCB Layout

Solder PCB layout¹:

Solder PCB Layout

¹Split spacebar not supported by stock plates