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Alexa Hotswap Keyboard Kit

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Extra Parts

Technical Specifications


Alexa innovates on typing comfort with PCB gasket mount, leaf-spring top mount, support for plateless configurations, in-browser keymap customization with Remap, and a comfortable 16.5 mm front height.

Refined Architecture

Improving upon Scarlet's design, Alexa's front height has been reduced by 12% to just 16.5 mm — all while retaining the high profile case design. A center aligned USB-C daughterboard provides a neutral cable position with a larger cable cutout for improved cable compatibility, and the thin side bezels give the keyboard a slim profile.

Ultra Flexible

As keyboards trend towards softer typing experiences, Alexa pushes the limits with a 1.2 mm thin PCB secured to the case using gasket mount or leaf-spring top mount for a remarkably flexible and bouncy typing experience. And because the PCB is used for mounting, the plate can be removed altogether resulting in the most comfortable keyboard we've ever made.

Gasket mount.

The PCB is sandwiched by the case from above and an ultra-soft poron gasket below, absorbing keystroke vibrations for a muted sound and softer typing experience.

Leaf-spring top mount.

Screws fasten the PCB to the top case, and leaf-springs eliminate stiffness from the screws for a consistent and bouncy feel across the whole keyboard.

Hotswap PCB.

Alexa comes with a custom hotswap PCB based on the field-tested Phantom PCB so you can quickly and easily assemble your keyboard in just minutes — no soldering required. Half plates and plateless configurations have been tested extensively with switches remaining secured to the PCB after months of continuous use. 5-pin switches are recommended for stability, and a solder PCB will be available for extra layout compatibility and plateless stability.

Plate customization.

Each kit includes an FR4 plate for those who prefer a firmer typing experience, as well as improved switch alignment and stability when assembling with 3-pin switches. A POM plate is available as an add-on for a balanced feel and rich sound signature.

Functional Design

The rear and side ledges provide a place to easily pick up your keyboard while giving depth to the minimal case design. At the rear, a counter-angled USB-C daughterboard sits parallel to case bottom, allowing the USB cable to rest flat on your desk and reduces strain on the port.

Technical Specifications

What's Included

Alexa keyboard case

FR4 Plate


USB-C daughterboard with JST-SH cable

Poron gaskets

M2x3 mm daughterboard screws

M2x4 mm plate screws

M2x6 mm case screws

Rubber bumpons


Aluminum, available in E-black and E-white.

Width: 12.27 inches (311.75 mm)

Depth: 4.42 inches (112.2 mm)

Height: 0.65–1.13 inches (16.5–28.72 mm)

Angle: 6.9 degrees


Matte black FR4

Matte black POM, available separately

Gasket mount and leaf-spring top mount


Kailh hotswap sockets

ESD, over-voltage, and over-current protection

USB-C Unified C3 daughterboard

JST-SH cable (150 mm)

QMK, VIA Configurator, and Remap compatible firmware

FR4 Tg 170–180

ENIG surface finish

Matte black solder mask

Hotswap PCB layout:

Hotswap PCB Layout

Solder PCB layout:

Solder PCB Layout