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Milan Hotswap Keyboard Kit

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Milan delivers unprecedented value in the TKL market with an aluminum enclosure, top mounted plate, hotswap PCB, three plate options, and full compatibility with KBD8X MKII plates and PCBs at just $199.

Available for in-stock sale December 2021.

Technical Specifications

Minimal Design

An industrial design compliments the matte black case, plate, and PCB to let your keycaps take the center stage. Pair with White on Black keycaps for a classic look, or bring your keyboard to life with rich, colorful sets.

Tried and True Mounting

The plate is fastened to the top case along the top and bottom perimeter, delivering a consistent typing experience while bringing out the unique sound of your switches. Customize the feel and sound of your keyboard with one of three plate materials to best compliment your switch choice.

Top Mount.

The switch plate is fastened to the top case with screws, delivering a distinct, tactile response. Complement the typing experience with the optional aluminum plate add-on.

Low height and typing angle.

A low front height of 17.7 mm and a 5 degree typing angle provides exceptional ergonomics so you can type the way you want — without the need for a wristrest.

Hotswap PCB.

Milan comes with a custom hotswap PCB featuring Kailh sockets so you can quickly and easily assemble your keyboard in just minutes, no soldering required. Milan also supports the KBD8X MKII PCB for drop-in compatibility and improved half plate stability when soldering.

Aftermarket support.

Available in POM, FR4, and aluminum, tailor the typing experience and acoustics to your preference with a soft or firm keystroke, and a muted or poppy sound signature. And a strong aftermarket plate market provides near-endless options from brass to carbon fiber.


The matte black case and plate puts your keycaps at the forefront. Adopt a classic look with White on Black, modern two-tone gray with Oblivion's colored accents, or rich colors like Burgundy with dark gray modifiers.

Technical Specifications

What's Included

Milan keyboard case

POM plate

Hotswap PCB

M2x4 mm plate screws

M2x8 mm front case screws

M2x20 mm rear case screws

Rubber bumpons


Aluminum, available in black

Width: 13.96 inches (354.7 mm)

Depth: 5.36 inches (136.1 mm)

Height: 0.71–1.18 inches (18.0–29.9 mm)

Angle: 5 degrees


POM, available in matte black

Aluminum, available in black

FR4, available in matte black with 24K gold edge-plating

Top mount


Kailh hotswap sockets

ESD, over-voltage, and over-current protection

USB-C interface

Compatible with QMK, VIA Configurator, and Remap

AT90USB646-MU microcontroller

ENIG surface finish

Matte black solder mask

6.25u bottom row:

6.25u PCB Layout

7u bottom row:

7u PCB Layout