Velvet keyboard

Meet Velvet

Velvet pushes the limit on typing comfort with leaf-spring top mount and sandwich gasket mount, plateless support, and a beautiful, silver polished weight. And an all-new PCB features in-browser keymap customization with Remap, with 2nd generation Kailh hotswap sockets reinforced with epoxy for resistance against being sheared off the PCB and loose contact from repeated switch insertions. Available in-stock for $349 in mid 2022.

Velvet rear

Beautiful new design

Velvet features a radically new exterior with an immense, mirror polished brass weight, custom silicone feet, and is available in a new anodized burgundy finish. The thin side bezels provide a slimmer appearance, and the side ledges allow you to easily pick up the keyboard, easing the brass weight below. A center-aligned USB-C port provides a neutral cable position with a larger port for greater cable compatibility, the daughterboard offers simple and inexpensive replacements, and the JST cable channel now comes covered for improved cable management and PCB clearance.

Velvet with ePBT Samurai Velvet with silver-polished brass weight Velvet interior

Plateless typing comfort

Configure Velvet the way you want with a fully customizable and versatile feature set. Achieve an ultrasoft feel with the 1.2 mm thin PCB by omitting the plate, build with a firm aluminum plate for a crisp bottom-out response to complement tactile switches, or opt for a balanced configuration with a POM or FR4 plate. And a comfortable 5.5 degree typing angle means you can work and game for hours while minmizing wrist strain.

Velvet plateless Velvet PCB assembly

Multi-layout, reinforced hotswap PCB.

The new and improved Velvet hotswap PCB features 2nd generation Kailh hotswap sockets with stronger leaves that maintain switch pin contact after repeated switch insertions, and are adhered to the PCB with epoxy to resist being sheared off. With support for 6.25u and 7u spacebar, regular and stepped caps lock, split backspace, and split right shift, Velvet combines the convenience of hotswap with the layout compatibility of solder.

Velvet hotswap PCB

Layout compatibility, pushed further.

For even greater layout compatibility, a solder PCB is available separately with support for split left shift, ISO enter, and multiple split spacebar layouts. Solder switches in for further improved stability when building plateless, as well as support for 3-pin switches in half plate or plateless configurations.

Velvet solder PCB

Leaf spring and gasket mounting

Velvet takes the traditional dual mounting system with top mount and o-ring gasket mount, and optimizes each one for a careful and deliberate end result. Leaf spring top mount delivers a cushioned and consistent typing feel across the keyboard, while sandwich gasket mount compliments firmer plates by stopping the leaf spring cushioning. This versatility enables Velvet to be tuned perfectly for every switch type, from the ultrasoft keystrokes for linear switches to the crisp bottom-out feel for tactile switches.

Velvet plateless
Gasket mount

Gasket mount.

The PCB is sandwiched by the case from above and poron gaskets below, stopping the leaf springs from flexing for a firmer typing experience.

Leaf spring top mount

Leaf spring top mount.

Screws fasten the PCB to the top case, and leaf springs allow the PCB assembly to freely move up and down to cushion your keystrokes.

Faster and simpler assembly

Velvet optimizes the assembly process so you can get typing sooner, and makes modifications and comparisons more convenient when taking the keyboard apart and rebuilding frequently. Velvet now uses half the number of screws for the case, the USB-C daughterboard channel has been covered for improved cable management, the daughterboard can be accessed without removing the brass weight, and building plateless allows the stabilizers to be removed and tuned without fully disassembling the keyboard. View the Velvet build guide for the optimal assembly process and troubleshooting steps for common issues.

Velvet exploded view Velvet unbuilt

Five new plate materials.

Each kit includes an anodized aluminum plate for a balanced typing feel while bringing out the unique sound signature of your switches. FR4 and POM are available separately for a softer typing feel and muted sound profile, with brass and carbon fiber available later — all finished in stealth matte black.

Velvet plate

Display your artisan with F13

The new layout adds an F13 key to the right of the F12 key, providing symmetry to the function row. Decorate your Velvet by filling the F13 slot with a beautiful custom keycap — each Velvet kit comes included with a brass keycap, polished and finished in a beautiful, black PVD coating.

Velvet artisan keycap Velvet artisan keycap

Mirror polished weight

An immense brass weight occupies half of the bottom case, chosen for its soft and creamy sound signature over stainless steel. A mirror polish delivers a luxury aesthetic with a bead blasted interior, and finally coated in a silver PVD finish for corrosion and scratch resistance.

Velvet brass weight

What's Included

Technical Specifications

What's Included

1x Top case

1x Bottom case

1x Exterior weight

1x Aluminum plate

8x Poron gaskets

1x Velvet hotswap PCB

12x Stabilizer shims

1x USB-C daughterboard

1x 150 mm JST cable

4x Silicone feet

12x M3 5mm flat head hex screws

8x M3 5mm button head hex screws

4x M2 4 mm socket cap hex screws

1x Hex 2.0 mm allen key

1x Hex 1.5 mm allen key

1x Artisan keycap

1x Carrying case


Aluminum case, finished in anodized black or red

Brass weight, mirror polished with silver PVD finish

Gasket mount and leaf-spring top mount

Width: 13.96 inches (354.7 mm)

Depth: 5.36 inches (136.1 mm)

Height: 0.72–1.21 inches (18.8–30.7 mm)

Weight: 5.19 lbs (2.35 kg) unbuilt

Angle: 5.5 degrees


FR4, matte black finish

POM, matte black finish

Aluminum, black anodized finish

Carbon fiber, woven finish

Brass, matte black PVD finish


Kailh hotswap sockets (2nd gen.)

ESD, over-voltage, and over-current protection

USB-C Unified C3 daughterboard

JST cable (150 mm)

QMK, VIA, and Remap compatible firmware

AT90USB646-MU microcontroller

FR4 Tg 170–180

ENIG surface finish

Matte black solder mask

1.2 mm thick

0.4 mm thick stabilizer shims

Hotswap PCB layout:

Velvet hotswap PCB Layout

Solder PCB layout¹:

Velvet solder PCB Layout

¹Split spacebar not supported by official plates